Documentation for PISM, the Parallel Ice Sheet Model

Old PISM versions

For archival purposes, old PISM versions can be downloaded:

git clone -b stable0.7 git:// pism0.7   # released Spring 2015
git clone -b stable0.6 git:// pism0.6   #          Spring 2014
git clone -b stable0.5 git:// pism0.5   #          Spring 2012
git clone -b stable0.4 git:// pism0.4   #          Spring 2011
git clone -b stable0.3 git:// pism0.3   #          Spring 2010
git clone -b stable0.2 git:// pism0.2   #          Spring 2009
git clone -b stable0.1 git:// pism0.1   #          Spring 2008

See old news items for changelogs between the different stable versions 0.2→0.3→0.4→0.5→0.6→0.7. A changelog for 0.1→0.2 is here.

An ancient PISM home website (mid 2009) is here. We used to be hosted at “”, but that no longer exists (because git and github beat subversion soundly). However, for deep time people, here from September 2005 is the entire source code for the program that would become PISM: icesource_091705.tar.gz

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