Utility and test scripts

In the test/ and util/ subdirectories of the PISM directory the user will find some python scripts and one Matlab script, listed in Table 37. The python scripts are all documented at the Packages tab on the PISM Source Code Browser. The Python scripts all take option --help.

Table 37 Some scripts which help in using PISM
Script Function
test/vfnow.py Organizes the process of verifying PISM. Specifies standard refinement paths for each of the tests (section Verification).
test/vnreport.py Automates the creation of convergence graphs like figures Fig. 25Fig. 29.
util/fill_missing.py Uses an approximation to Laplace’s equation \(\nabla^2 u = 0\) to smoothly replace missing values in a two-dimensional NetCDF variable. The “hole” is filled with an average of the boundary non-missing values. Depends on netcdf4-python and scipy Python packages.
util/flowline.py See section Using PISM for flow-line modeling.
util/flowlineslab.py See section Using PISM for flow-line modeling.
util/check_stationarity.py Evaluate stationarity of a variable in a PISM -ts_file output.
util/nc2cdo.py Makes a netCDF file ready for Climate Data Operators (CDO).
util/nc2mat.py Reads specified variables from a NetCDF file and writes them to an output file in the MATLAB binary data file format .mat, supported by MATLAB version 5 and later. Depends on netcdf4-python and scipy Python packages.
util/nccmp.py A script comparing variables in a given pair of NetCDF files; used by PISM software tests.
util/pism_config_editor.py Makes modifying or creating PISM configuration files easier.
util/pism_matlab.m An example MATLAB script showing how to create a simple NetCDF file PISM can bootstrap from.
util/PISMNC.py Used by many Python example scripts to generate a PISM-compatible file with the right dimensions and time-axis.

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