Development of PISM is supported by NASA grant NNX17AG65G and NSF grants PLR-1603799 and PLR-1644277.

See Table 1 for the full list of grants that supported PISM development.

The Snow, Ice, and Permafrost group at the Geophysical Institute is the home for the University of Alaska PISM developers; find us in Elvey 410D. The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (now RCS) has provided significant computational resources and technical help in the development of PISM.

Thanks for comments/questions from many PISM users around the world, including these not already listed as PISM authors:

Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, Antje Fitzner, Nick Golledge, Tore Hattermann, Moritz Huetten, Thomas Kleiner, Leo van Kampenhout, Marianne Madsen, Malou Maris, Tim Morey, Mirena Olaizola, Christian Rodehacke, Nathan Shemonski, Sebastian Simonsen, Anne Solgaard, Ben Sperisen, Synne Høyer Svendsen, Martin Truffer, Shuting Yang, Ryan Woodard

for helpful comments and questions on PISM and this Manual. Dave Covey, Don Bahls, and Greg Newby have supported our hardware, software, and computations. Bob Bindschadler, Sophie Nowicki, Jesse Johnson, and others in the SeaRISE group have motivated and assisted PISM development in many ways.

PISM includes the source code for two external libraries we rely on:

  • CalCalcs, Copyright © 2010 by David W. Pierce, GPL
  • cubature.c, Copyright © 2005 Steven G. Johnson, GPL
Table 1 Past and current grants supporting PISM development.
Start year End year Agency Number Title
2002 2008 NASA NAG5-11371 Ice Sheet Modeling, A science team component of Polar Radar for Ice Sheet Measurements (PRISM)
2009 2013 NASA NNX09AJ38G A high resolution Parallel Ice Sheet Model including fast, sliding flow: advanced development and application
2013 2017 NASA NNX13AM16G Understanding measured variability in the Greenland ice sheet using the Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM)
2013 2017 NASA NNX13AK27G Challenging the Parallel Ice Sheet Model with reproducing the present-day mass loss signal from the Jakobshavn basin, Greenland
2016 2017 NASA NNX16AQ40G Improving Greenland-wide ice discharge projections for the 21st century and beyond
2016 2019 NSF PLR-1603799 Collaborative Research: Understanding the controls on spatial and temporal variability in ice discharge using a Greenland-wide ice sheet model.
2017 2020 NSF PLR-1644277 Collaborative Research: Feedbacks between Orographic Precipitation and Ice Dynamics.
2017 2020 NASA NNX17AG65G Using ICESat/OIB elevation and satellite-derived velocity changes to constrain time-varying basal motion.

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